Wednesday, December 15, 2004

thursday 16th december 2004

so we begin here looking at the top 10 conspiracy theories in existence based on the number of individual websites dedicated to these topics.At number 10 the 10th most popular conspiracy is were the moon landings faked! well ive seen evidence of shaking flags on the moon which cant be wind as there is none on the moon,the logical explination is that there are wires fixed to the flag to hold it straight and placing the flag caused shaking. Lighting of photos of the astronaughts on the moon have been questioned due to there being only one light source up there(the sun) because in some photos theyre in a shadow behing the landing capsule but seem lit.Now either nasa and us government spent all those tax $$$ going to the moon or they didnt, im 100% sure man has been to the moon,reflective light sources must explain the photo evidence such as reflection from the moons smooth powdery surface. next theres the fact some photos taken on 1 day in 1 area of the moon are identical to photos taken allegedly on another moon area days apart,now thats got to be simply misslabeling some photos.The nazis had rocet technology..they used the v2 to bomb the hell out of london in ww2,after ww2 captured nazi scientists instead of being shot were welcomed to usa(turning evil into good) and its therefore the nazis who helped get mankind(our species) onto the moon.
the 9th most popular conspiracy is was marilyn monroe murdered? well quite probably yes ,she was a former prostitute with loose morals sleeping around with the kennedys amoung others(president jfk and his brother robert) it seems the mob(usa mafia) had some involvement in her death whether by poising her or forcing her to take an overdose of drugs or organising it for the kennedys to silence her threats to expose some of there secrets.I do like some of her films but i cant admire her because she was aprostitute which to me is the lowest depths of selfhate to allow anyone to pay ou for sex is lower than crocodile piss.To cover up her poisoning a forced enema may have been performed on her to remove the evidence! I think no matter how long ago her death was a new investigation into it should be done to once and for all discover what the truth is but the chances of this being done are very slim.
To change the subject i want you to know this blogg will be about many other topics not just conspiracys. I aim for this blogg to become your home whiteboard(just as at school you probably had a black slate blackboard well today shiny white boards are used and marker pens write on them and can erase the words with a cloth..)ill be the place for you to see the latest offers and competitions and i aim to provide you all with a summary of each days world news so that you can know whats been going in in under 5 minutes of reading!!!,why buy a newspaper costing 60p/$1 a day that takes you an hour or more to brainwash you when ill give you unbiased news for whatever you can afford to donate! .Come back everyday from thursday16 december 2004 for my news summarys..of course should you want more detail on anything i inform you about you can always go to a search engine like to get a more indepth article by someone else then of course come back here. A big topic i will be covering is mental illness,i aim to inform not only sufferers of mental illnesses but also their family and friends so they can understand what they can do to help.All too often especially in britain getting government help is excruciatingly difficult and many ill people give up on the official sources of help that are supposed to exist for them,this is not only incredibly hard for them its also dangerous for society.You dont want to be mugged by someone trying to get money to live on because the governments benefits(welfare) system has totally let them down and there no longer being paid..which is a situation that happened to me..ive suffered from depression for years but this very common ( 1 in 4 people at some time in their life will suffer from it)devestationg illness in many cases can become tolerable if not ever totally conquered. I will share all my knowledge of depression and the associated illnesses such as severe procrastination(putting things off that need doing) shyness, social phobia,stress,suicidal thoughts,recomended medicines and other treatments,symptoms and how to spot them,diagnosing the llnesses,lack of exercise,fatigue,anger,paranoia,sleep problems,anxiety and phobias and being cut off from society and of course dealing with government officials(morons!). Treat part of this blogg as a network for people with mental illnesses and on welfare..(if you have no interest in this section of the blogg simply skip it and goto the next section of use to you and there will be greay variety for you)i want to create a network for the unemployed millions that can share tips and information to help them through illness and government bullshit so they can overcome the huge obstacles to getting better and getting healthy and then into a career theyll enjoy not just a job that pays the bills which can be half the problem..demoralising low paid work can really take its toll on people..the trick is to work out all the skills you have and find or better still create a job youll love doing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the biggest secret..being human

hi everybody well done for coming to me to read my blogg,i will be here to inform you of how the world really works and unravelling its mysterys for you.I have researched everything from who runs this planet to what there goals are and why. From ufos to aliens,princess dianas assasination to jfks death,the bermuda triangle to cropcircles and of course the oklahoma bombing and september11 2001 terrorist attacks.I aim to enlighten you to break free of the global medias agenda to turn you into nothing more than an unquestioning consumer and to help you to lead the most fullfilling lifesyle a human being can.before i get into the conspiracys and start giving away my secrets i have to say I welcome any donations of money to help fund further research and to keep me going.. i need food and a home too! the free exellent system called paypal is the best way to pay for things over the internet its owned by the giant auction site everyone seems to be using including me.Please go to follow the very simple instructions to set up an account(once you have a paypal account you can use it to pay for goods bought on ebay or anybody who accepts paypal payments and so its very usefull to have) and then donate to my email address which is please make sure you spell this the same as i have.If theres is a god...and ill discuss this later..god bless you for donating to me.I will be adding to my blogg info on my lifes work,my thoughts and feelings and my internet tips and tricks so you can get the most from what has to be the greatest invention of all time..well done tim berners lee the genius who inventing the worldwideweb.ive been up all night picking and choosing how and where to start my blogg and its now 545am in the uk so im going to bed now,this evening we begin our mission to unlock the mysterys of life and the universe..see you all later.