Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the biggest secret..being human

hi everybody well done for coming to me to read my blogg,i will be here to inform you of how the world really works and unravelling its mysterys for you.I have researched everything from who runs this planet to what there goals are and why. From ufos to aliens,princess dianas assasination to jfks death,the bermuda triangle to cropcircles and of course the oklahoma bombing and september11 2001 terrorist attacks.I aim to enlighten you to break free of the global medias agenda to turn you into nothing more than an unquestioning consumer and to help you to lead the most fullfilling lifesyle a human being can.before i get into the conspiracys and start giving away my secrets i have to say I welcome any donations of money to help fund further research and to keep me going.. i need food and a home too! the free exellent system called paypal is the best way to pay for things over the internet its owned by ebay.com the giant auction site everyone seems to be using including me.Please go to paypal.com follow the very simple instructions to set up an account(once you have a paypal account you can use it to pay for goods bought on ebay or anybody who accepts paypal payments and so its very usefull to have) and then donate to my email address which is yellowmoon@fsmail.net please make sure you spell this the same as i have.If theres is a god...and ill discuss this later..god bless you for donating to me.I will be adding to my blogg info on my lifes work,my thoughts and feelings and my internet tips and tricks so you can get the most from what has to be the greatest invention of all time..well done tim berners lee the genius who inventing the worldwideweb.ive been up all night picking and choosing how and where to start my blogg and its now 545am in the uk so im going to bed now,this evening we begin our mission to unlock the mysterys of life and the universe..see you all later.


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